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PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Form Complete Guide by

PIFRA stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. PIFRA is actually a website that has the ease of access in getting the paychecks and payslips of the government official digitally.
 This is a new initiative that was taken by the Pakistan Audit Department, CGA, Ministry of Finance and Provincial Finance Departments. 
All these organs of the Government have teamed up together to form this alliance in order to provide the government functionaries hands-on accessibility.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Form Complete Guide by

This project is under the sector of governance and has the allocation budget of Rs. 5,533.5 Million. This budget has been more than enough to foresee the greater outcomes and it has established in accordance with the given sum of money.

Once done with the registration process, your PIFRA online Salary Slip will be sent to your e-mail address automatically every month. All the hardships of long tiring lines will be excluded by this simple act of registration. 
You only have to check your e-mail address (the one entered in the registration form) to get the online salary slip. 
Also you can make as much copies of the payslip as you want. If the slip is not sent to your mailbox, then there is no need to panic usually it takes two to three days before the mail is sent.

If somehow the salary slip is not sent to the mail box. You can always contact the support center by either emailing them on the address

By Contacting them on the number +92-51-9107248.

Account General (AG) Punjab Pay Slip:

The government of Punjab was the first to involve in this initiative and all the Government employees working or serving under the branch of Punjab are able to get their pay slips online. PIFRA has helped not hundreds but thousands of hardworking and pious employees in getting their payslips via online or digital methods. This was only because of the collaboration of Pakistan Audit Department, CGA, Ministry of Finance and Provincial Finance Departments.

Hence the Punjab government employees are free the obscurities in waiting for long lines rather just register and get the pay slip in their mail on a monthly basis.

Account General (AG) Sindh Pay Slip:

As mentioned above this program has been expanding all over Pakistan to develop the Financial System in the progressive way hence by the goodwill of Government of Sindh, PIFRA is also a part of Sindh government. This clearly indicates that all the government employees working under the shadow of Sindh are able and eligible to get their payslips online by enrolling in the registration.

Pay Slips of Teachers:

All the government employed teachers have a reserved quota. As the teachers hold utmost respect and honor in our society yet they are not praised as well as recognized enough so for this matter PIFRA has recognized their efforts. Hence PIFRA has also taken the liberty of adding them in this initiative and all the government teachers are able to get their online payslips.

To get the salary slip via personal visit to the organization will be a time wastage and also tiring but by having a digital salary slip popping in your mail every month will surely be joy.

How to change E-mail ID on PIFRA:

Once you have registered with a particular e-mail id there may arise a situation in which you have lost access to the e-mail or forgotten the password or you have to change the e-mail id. This case will also be obliged by PIFRA. This can be done by sending an official mail to the support s=center or by contacting them via other means i.e. By Phone or by Fax.

By following these simple steps, you may able to change the e-mail id:

Go to Google search engine and type PIFRA.

Click on the first result and you will be directed towards the PIFRA official website.
You can also go directly by entering this address
Go ahead and open the registration form as mentioned above.
At the bottom of the page, there would be a Phone Number and a Fax number.
An email address is also provided beneath the Fax and Phone number.
By contacting them on the phone number you can inform them about the situation or you can Fax them.
Note: The Cell phone number used for contacting is not usually responded to, so using a Telephone number is preferred.

Another way of solving the problem (preferable) is by emailing them.

This can be done by writing a formal mail and sending it to this address
PIFRA Salary Slip Registration can be completely understood from the above detail. soRead PIFRA Salary Slip Registration for Govt Employee Full Procedure Online by
PIFRA Registration, PIFRA Form Download. PIFRA Monthly Salary slip 2020 check here.

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PIFRA Salary Pay slips Registration Online

The government of Pakistan pifra introduces an online system for government employees, to get registered online with Email cope with and get their Pifra salary slip online through your electronic mail monthly. 

PIFRA Salary Pay slips Registration Online:

The authorities personnel like instructors from authorities faculties, faculties, and universities. Doctors from authorities hospitals, and other authorities group of workers that are working beneath government now the salaries are receiving thru financial institution from the remaining three years and that is still even Pakistan Army, Navy and Air pressure employees male and girl all personnel can get their revenue slips online by means of registering yourself thru respectable internet site m.Pifra.Gov.Pk/salaryslip_emp and http://www.Fabs.Gov.Pk.

Email Registration for Salary Slip and Pension Slip

1. Should be registered with Gmail or Yahoo account
2. Use one email cope with 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Before registration you must recognize the following:
Province (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Sarhad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

The Employee Should be a member of Govt. Departments

  • Employees have a Personal Number
  • Full Name
  • New CNIC Number
  • DOB, Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Yahoo or Gmail Email Address
  • Scale

For online registration simply visit PIFRA.GOV.PK or Click Here

Select the your private records like
F = Federal,  N = KP Govt,  S = Sindh,B = Balochistan, P = Punjab, DGP = District Govt Punjab, K = Kashmir,

GB = Gilgit-Baltistan,     GBC = GB Council, C = Kashmir Council

Finally, you got registered, now it is important for you to check email and whilst you acquire Salary Slip Through Email Just Print and take Your Salary from Bank.
Now you can effortlessly make account PIFRA revenue slip online and pifra Pakistan.
Now PIFRA site hyperlinks with FABS (Financial Accounting and Budgeting System).
FABS Providing payslip online loose registration and pifra payroll Salary Slip.
It provides us records How to create pifra email registration method, pifra email registration for Govt instructors, unfastened download government worker pifra earnings slip online, how can sign up in pifra website for revenue slip and Teachers Salary Pay Slip Email Register system.